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Permanent Jewelry: Why I Love It!

By Jennifer DeMoro | Sep 2023

I’ve been a fine jewelry designer for a number of years with a focus on creating bold, statement pieces. My design philosophy is creating pieces that focus on our strength, our independence, and never shying away from being who we are and strive to be. To be unapologetically me (or you).

I came upon permanent jewelry a little over a couple of years ago now and was intrigued by its focus and, really, its dependence on a community or locale. Since I’m based in Orange County, CA., my client base is here just by its very nature, which requires being face-to-face. Everything from the zapping of the metal (14k gold/gold filled) and helping pick out the right chain and charms that fit each individual. Those are all very personal and intimate experiences, and it’s the cornerstone of what I love about doing this.

Permanent Jewelry is about strengthing special relationships

I meet a lot of people running Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry, including my lovely customers (thank you, thank you), but the face-to-face only happens occasionally since most of the sales are either in my e-commerce shop or in the boutiques that carry my brand (see here if you are curious). And, like most people in this world, real in-person interaction is incredibly fulfilling, and Permanent Jewelry enables that for me.

I meet the most incredible people, all very different from different upbringings, backgrounds, and experiences, but they come to LoveLinkStudio and share something we all have in common. To bond with those we love, honor, and respect. I see mothers and daughters come in with huge smiles on their faces and excited to take just a little bit of time to be with each other and do something fun and meaningful.

I see husbands bringing their wives, boyfriends bringing their girlfriends, and vice versa, of course, just to do something that brings them just a little closer together. Something just for them. Not to mention the groups of women who have seemed to have been friends since the beginning. Coming in to share a moment with one another. Hearing their stories and their laughter, it’s impossible not to get swept up in their joy.

So, to everyone who has been to LoveLinkStudio and for those to come, I just want to say thank you for it all. Thank you for making me a small part of something special. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

- Jenn

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