How does Permanent Jewelry work?

By Jennifer DeMoro | June 2023

If your favorite jewelry is something that you never want to part with, Permanent Jewelry is the perfect solution. It's designed to stay on you at all times, making it a symbol of your lasting commitment to yourself or those close to you, while keeping your style uniquely you. Of course, if you want to take it off for whatever reason, it’s simple to do that as well and I’m happy to put it back on when you wish to do that. And, If you ever feel the need to change things up, that's always possible too! The process of getting Permanent Jewelry is such a wonderfully simple and enjoyable way to celebrate you and those you love.

For your appointment, you (and those coming along with you) come into my Home Studio in San Clemente, CA. Here’s a little pic of what that looks like 🙂

When you arrive!

Firstly, I always introduce myself (wouldn't it be strange if I didn't), and then we can proceed to the most important part of the entire process, which is choosing the perfect chain (and charm, if desired) for you. Depending on the situation, the entire group may receive the same chain or each individual may receive a unique one; it’s all about personal preference. At Love Link Studio, we offer a wide variety of options, emphasizing 14k gold and gold-filled chains (although we also carry silver).

Time to make it permanent!

Here comes the most exciting part. I take personal measurements of each chain to ensure that it fits perfectly around your wrist, ankle, or even as a necklace if that's what you prefer. After that, I use my jewelry-making skills (I am a fine-jewelry designer after all) and use a simple process to connect the chains together by “Zapping” them together, producing a smooth, flawless, and stunning permanent piece. The process is harmless and pain-free, and you get a unique and personalized piece that is yours.

Making Memories with Permanent Jewelry

I know I've mentioned this before, but I wish to express my gratitude for the chance to collaborate with you and your loved ones. This journey has been amazing so far, and it brings me great joy to see people gathering to honor each other, sharing stories, laughing, and creating their own precious memories. If you ever happen to be in Orange County, CA, I would be delighted to work with you.

- Jenn

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