Host a Love Link Studio Permanent Jewelry Party

By Jennifer DeMoro | NOV 2023

Looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate with friends or family? Hosting a permanent jewelry party with Jennifer DeMoro from Love Link Studio is an excellent choice that offers a lasting bond and beautiful jewelry.

Planning Your Event

Selecting a Date: Pick a convenient date and confirm Jenn's availability for your event.
Invitations and Guest List: Prepare your guest list and send out detailed invites. Remember, the more the merrier!

Requirements for Booking

Minimum Guests: At least 8 guests are required for a private party.
Deposit: No deposit necessary.
Host Discount: As the host, you’ll receive 50% off any Permanent Jewelry you get at your event.

Setting Up the Venue

Create a Cozy Atmosphere: Ensure the space is inviting with comfortable seating for all guests.

Refreshments and Snacks: Offer a selection of refreshments to keep the party enjoyable.

Jewelry Station Requirements: A well-lit area with electricity is needed for Jennifer’s welding station, along with a table and chairs.

Managing your Party

Foster a Welcoming Environment: Encourage guests to explore the jewelry options and interact with Jennifer.
Keep the Party Lively: Engage with your guests and ensure they are having a great time with snacks and conversations.
Smooth Experience: Rely on Jennifer for all jewelry-related aspects so you can enjoy the event.

Love Link Studio Experience

Jewelry Choices: A range of chains in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Fill, and 14k Gold, with customization options like charms or initials.
The Process: The quick "Zap" process usually takes about 10 minutes per guest, but guests should allocate a little time for chain selection and sizing.
Pricing and Travel: A $40 travel fee for me to come to you (up to 25 miles). I am in San Clemente, CA.

Hosting Tips

Relax and Enjoy: Let Jennifer handle the jewelry details.
Diverse Options: Ensure there are suitable choices for all guests.
Encourage Customization: Guests should feel free to personalize their pieces.
Memorable Moments: Capture the special experience in photos.

That's it. It's so easy!

Hosting a permanent jewelry party with Love Link Studio is more than just an event; it’s a bonding experience that leaves each guest with a timeless piece of jewelry. Whether it's for a special occasion or just a fun gathering, this event is sure to be a hit. Plan your Love Link Studio party today for an unforgettable experience!